Public Relations
Satin Smooth, the industry leader in depilatory waxes, well known and trusted for over a decade, has named high-profile brow master Kelley Baker Brows as their new Brand Ambassador. View PDF.
Combining advanced aesthetic technology with a non-invasive holistic approach, SmoothSculpt helps contour, lift and tighten the skin on problem areas like brows, jowls, abdomen, rear, thighs and knees. View PDF.
DermaRadiance gently exfoliates and stimulates the skin for a smoother look and feel. Using natural pure flower peel grains to exfoliate dead, dry skin, it also provides diamond-head wand microdermabrasion in combination with Satin Smooth® Oxygen Infusion Serum to restore natural balance and nutrients to the skin. View PDF.
Get the effect of a full face lift in the salon or at home! This complete mask collection delivers a firm and refreshed look, while stimulating the skin at the same time. View PDF.
Advanced formula treats ingrown hair, razor burns, bumps and skin irritation from waxing, shaving, electrolysis and laser hair removal. View PDF.
Two sinuous, sensuous depilatories, WILD CHERRY® and CALENDULA GOLD® fused with essential oils, join the legendary line from ConairPRO®. View PDF.
Stamford, CT - To wax or not to wax: That is the question. When you truly want to stir the senses in an exciting and sensual way, Satin Smooth® Waxes offer an exciting first step. View PDF.