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Chocolate Contouring Lotion
Satin Smooth® Chocolate Contouring Lotion is infused with powerful antioxidants made of natural homeopathic herbs and blended pure cocoa, plants, and flowers that form a hydrating and lubricating lotion that facilitates the movement of SmoothSculpt® cupping attachments. Contains no parabens, yeast or wheat. Vegan friendly.
  • A deeply effective lotion
  • Homeopathic ingredients including ivy, juniper and dandelion
  • Aids in detoxification and cleansing
Apply in small amounts to neck, jowls and face for easy movement of SmoothSculpt® technique. Use after Collagen Complex Cream for best results. For body: Apply generous amount on one area at a time, followed by SmoothSculpt® technique.

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