Screw-on Jar (Small)
The DermaRadiance® Jars are a perfect fit for the DermaRadiance® Pure Flower Grains. Jars store and maintain the Pure Flower Grains.
  • Screws into DermaRadiance® machine to hold grains during usage
  • Must be screwed onto machine and grains poured from top
  • Lid keeps grains fresh and moisture free
Remove the screw plug from the top of the front cap. Using a funnel, fill the jar to approximately 75% of its capacity. Fasten the screw plug tightly to ensure an airtight fit (turn clockwise). If changing grains to another grain selection: Unscrew jar; place an empty jar in its place and pour clean grains from the top with a funnel. DO NOT PUSH A FULL JAR OF GRAINS INTO THE CHAMBER. This could cause damage to the brass intake tubes.

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